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5 Common Tree Diseases in the San Francisco Area

The sometimes strange and wet weather of the Bay Area can really do a number on trees and shrubs in our yards. Humidity, fog, and general wetness can really impact the way our trees grow and how they flourish, but … Continue reading

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5 Best Trees to Plant in California

In California, we face an entirely different garden and yard situation than a majority of the country does. We have to think about out water usage, the amount of work we have to do for the health of our trees, … Continue reading

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8 Businesses in Redwood City that Help with Spring Planting

Spring planting is right around the corner, whether or not the whether actually feels that way. In Redwood City, we are pretty serious about our planting and the way our yards look, so it is important that we do everything … Continue reading

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8 Places That Will Change Your Backyard in Redwood City

People travel from all over the world to get to Redwood City to see all of the natural beauty that we have to offer. From our parks to our streets to your own backyard, Redwood City should live up to … Continue reading

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