We offer a wide variety of tree services at Econo Tree Service.

Tree Removal

Trees small and large, we can tackle any tree removal job thrown at us. This is our passion!

Expert Tree Pruning

This includes, thinning, balancing, clearing power lines, roofs, houses, streets and driveways.

Stump Grinding

We offer full-service stump grinding & removal. Contact us for your free estimate.

Drought Care

Save water while protecting your trees. Don’t overlook this crucial service.

Integrated Pest Management Services

This includes: fertilizing, Sudden Oak Death, treating for aphids, white fly and other tree pests. We also offer a year round maintenance program that will treat and protect your trees all year round using the proper care and appropriate treatments specialized just for you.

Arborist Consulting

This includes:Arborist Reports, Arborist Letters and consultations on tree health. If you are selling a house, or looking to purchase a house and need a consultation about the trees on the property, we provide Arborist Consultations.

Other Services We Provide

Being a full service tree company, Econo Tree Service offers more then just pruning and removals. Cabling, planting and fertilizing are just a few of the extra services we provide.

We also recycle the materials from our projects such as mulch, chips, firewood (in season) and a limited selection of sawed lumber.

Mulch, Firewood & Lumber

We offer free mulch for delivery in our area. Please call 650-200-2495 for availability.

We sell seasoned oak firewood in the fall and winter months. We usually start delivery in September and continue while supplies last. Get your order in early, because this stuff goes fast.

A limited supply of milled redwood slabs are available for purchase. Please call for pricing and delivery information.

Cabling and Bracing

treecablingMany old trees in our area can benefit from a well thought out cabling system.

Cabling is often used to protect a limb from breakage due to a weak attachment or other structural defects and where removal of the limb is not an option.

Besides Extra High Strength cable, we also feature the Cobra soft cabling system, which installs with no drilling or other injury to the tree.

Milling Services: 

Just because that tree needed to be removed doesn’t mean you have to part with it forever. Turn it into a bench, or a patio! We can turn that hazardous tree into useful lumber.

We can pick up the raw logs and deliver the finished product, or you can call 650-200-2495 for availability of already processed boards. On site milling may also be arranged.Not every tree is desirable for milling.

Factors such as location of the tree, species, defects and foreign matter can limit the usability of the tree.

Logs for Sale:

Econo Tree Service prides itself on recycling. We strive to maintain the integrity of the logs we work with on tree removals so we can deliver the finest-quality logs for sale to you, our customer.

Interested in purchasing logs from us? Optionally, you may utilize our sawmill service (mentioned in the above section) to have your wood milled to your specifications.

Tree Planting:

This includes consultation on the correct type of tree to plant, purchase of new plants and installations.

There is more to tree planting then just making sure the green side is up. Econo Tree Service can help pick out and install that prefect tree for your site, and help it get a good start.

Specialized Services:

This includes: Root crown excavations, installations of cables and bolts to reduce any hazardous trees for leaning and unbalancing.


If your tree is just not growing as you think it should, maybe it needs better nutrition. We can test the soil and use the proper fertilizer for the conditions. We use deep root feeding to get the nutrients down to the roots, where they belong.

Root Crown Excavations:

One of the primary killers of old Oak trees in our area is decay at the root crown.

The trunk is often buried during construction or landscaping and water is allowed to collect against the trunk, encouraging fungi and decay below the ground level, out of sight.

When enough of the roots have been compromised, the tree can fall with no warning.Root crown excavations allow our Arborists to inspect the root zone and let the area dry out to retard fungal growth.

Econo Tree Service uses patented Airspade technology, which removes the soil with high pressure air, while leaving the delicate roots intact.

Tree Props:

Props can be another method of hazard reduction for leaning or unbalanced trees.

All our tree props are custom designed and built to specifications determined by the tree’s growth and site characteristics.

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