8 Florists in Redwood City for Valentine’s Day

For all of the clichés that exist about Valentine’s Day, there is one thing that remains true: there is no better time to show your significant other that you care. It is a holiday that requires you to take the time to think about what your loved one would really like to receive. For many people, that includes flowers. While they don’t last the longest nor are they the most creative, they have stood the test of time as the traditional gift.

But how do you know which flowers to choose? Going to your local grocery store and picking out a bouquet from a bucket of water isn’t really the best route to take. Instead, you should go to a florist who has a proven history of creating bouquets that will last longer, stay brighter, and smell better.

Here are the ones in Redwood City that we suggest:

1. Paradise Flowers and Gifts

Credit: Paradise

If you want personalized treatment from someone who lives and works in Redwood City – and not a recording – consider contacting Paradise Flowers and Gifts for your Valentine’s Day bouquet needs.

If you don’t want to order a “stock” bouquet, you can go into their location and work with them to create something that is uniquely yours. Whether your loved on has a favorite color or a favorite flower, this is a good route for someone who wants to go above and beyond.

You can also order flowers online or go to their retail location. Whichever you choose, Paradise Flowers and Gifts offers same-day deliveries on beautiful bouquets. This keeps them fresh and will ensure that they last longer.

2. A Bed of Flowers

Credit: A Bed of Flowers

The staff at A Bed of Flowers is “committed to creating beautiful flower arrangements and gifts which are perfect for any occasion.” They have been trusted for years throughout Redwood City to provide bouquets for any occasion as well as last-minute bouquets.

The arrangements come right from the team using the flowers that they have so you know they are fresh and use only the best, highest quality flowers.

As an added bonus, if you order from A Bed of Flowers, the person who receives them won’t have to arrange them like with some other companies. Instead, they will already look great and will only require maintenance after a few days.

3. 1st in Flowers

Delivering to almost all locations in Redwood City, 1st in Flowers has the experience and

Credit: 1st in Flowers

the talent to create unique and extravagant floral arrangements and deliver them anywhere – to schools, office buildings, hotels, stores, and homes.

If you have unique needs or you want to do something that is a little different, this is definitely the team to consider. They are also a great team if you want to get bouquets for a few different people, like your coworkers, single friends, or the women in your family.

4. Granara’s Flowers

Credit: Granara’s

The team at Granara’s Flowers, which is family owned and operated, are extremely talented at producing a wide array of designs that range from simple and sweet to elaborate and over the top. Many people go to them because they see the creativity and uniqueness, but stay because of the personality and professionalism of the team.

You can order online or go to one of their two locations in Redwood City. Call them today to find out what specials they are offering for Valentine’s Day. This company offers free local delivery if you mention the website.

If you are considering something special, go to the florist that has been serving Redwood City for almost 70 years.

5. Bloom That

A company that boasts “Select from our curated selection of flowers delivered to Redwood

Credit: Bloom That

City, Belmont and San Carlos same day in 90 minutes,” is the perfect company to go with if you need an emergency bouquet of flowers or you are working at the last-minute.

The reason so many people like Bloom That is because you can add some really unique pairings to the bouquet that you send. Instead of just sending flowers, you can send flowers and chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals, flowers and cosmetics, and quite a few other unique options.

This is also the company to go with if you want to pick flowers that are slightly different and not the traditional colors.

6. Everyday Balloons and Flowers

Credit: Everyday

Flowers join with balloons and stuffed animals at Everyday Balloons and Flowers to deliver the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for your significant other, children, parents, or friends.

According to their website, ” Everyday Flowers and Balloons flower bouquets are professionally arranged in a reusable vase. You can be confident that you are sending the most beautiful, fresh, quality floral arrangement available.”

Add a balloon to your favorite bouquet or dress up a single rose with a teddy bear or heart-shaped balloon. You can get really creative with what this Redwood City florist and balloon professional has to offer.

7. Mills Florist

Mills Florist in Redwood City offers an arrangement for every occasion. They make

Credit: Mills

beautiful designs with sunflowers, roses, daisies, and every other type of flower you can imagine.

They also suggest that if you don’t know what to give, you can give roses. They will work with you to create something that feels unique and special without going too far from the traditional. If you really want to do something special, they will even color white roses whatever color you want. Some of their more modern designs are really popular.

If you are looking for customer service that goes above and beyond, consider Mills Florist.

8. Paradise Flowers

Credit: Paradise

Paradise Flowers is a locally owned and operated florist in Redwood City. The team is well-trained and has a deep appreciation for the artistry behind floral design and arrangement. Their bouquets are made with thought and love, perfectly encapsulating what it is you want to say to your loved one.

Make sure to check online for their “deal of the day” and some of the amazing additions they offer.

The owner, Rosa I. Funes, has been involved in the floral industry for over 20 years, meaning she has the experience and creativity to give you everything from traditional to unique and fun.

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